The bizarro world version of Family Guy has arrived!

Imagine if Ashton Kutcher had gone back in time and dated Anna Chlumksy instead of Demi Moore in The Butterfly Effect, or if Homer had accidentally left a Crystal Pepsi in prehistoric times in that Simpsons toaster-time-travel episode, and the cataclysmic result might be the creation of Seth MacFarlane's American Dad instead of Family Guy. Every character is like a weird offshoot of their counterparts in Family Guy; it's a quite disturbing to witness.

Watch the new six minute pilot (Windows Media) and you'll see what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis.

See what I mean? The dad's more like Joe Swanson, sans wheelchair. The son's almost a dead ringer for Neil/Mort Zuckerman. Instead of a baby that's an evil genius you've got a horny fish with the brain of a German guy. No talking dog, but there's a snippy alien that's sort of the voice/persona of Paul Lynde in Charlotte's Web. Or Paul Lynde in anything, for that matter. You get my drift. It's no Family Guy, but it's actually pretty funny compared to most of the mind-numbing crap out there. Some of my favorite lines:

If my superiors found out you were living here we'd all have our memories erased! Did you see Memento? (Pause) It's not as good the second time.

You see, VH1 was doing one of those I Love the 80's shows marathons...did you know Lou Ferrigno was deaf? I don't know, somehow it's hard to take him as seriously.

Francine, I can see your schmutzblichen.

You be very careful out there today, we're at terror alert orange! Which means something might go down somewhere in some way in some point of look sharp!

And the best part is...the chins are much less testicular in this show! Glory, hallelujah!

Related tune: We Are Family by Sister Sledge (mp3 via case's ladder)

posted by drew on 8/02/2004

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