Boondocks & Adult Swim = Marriage Made In Heaven.

Thanks to the absolute schmuckitude of Fox, THR is reporting that the most consistently funny and intelligent comic strip (take that, Family Circus!) is soon going to be an animated show on the hipster Adult Swim lineup on the Cartoon Network. And, for icing on the proverbial cake, there's also plans to make a Boondocks movie as well.

I couldn't be more pleased.

Fox actually had first dibs on the show and turned it down. Because, you know, nothing could possibly top the highly intellectual comedy that Fox already provides with shows like The Simple Life, Banzai, or Bamboozled Method and Red. I can just imagine Fox's execs at the meeting giving insightful suggestions like "Does Huey have to be so angry?" or "Could we have the kids raised by a white family?"

By the way, if you don't already read Aaron McGruder's Boondocks, I really do suggest you give it a look. You can pretty much read it for free if you're a cheap bastard. It's not just some kook-assed fringe lefty (and eek! black!) comic like some critics would have you believe; the comic really has a much broader appeal. Plus, they're always taking on pop culture icons as well, which is the express ticket to my heart. Here's some examples:

Huey in a letter to Queen Latifah

"If you do not cease and desist with embarrassing and stereotypical movie roles, the Council will have no choice but to rename you Whoopi Latifah."

Exchange between Huey and Caesar on bad black movies

Huey: Want a bad black movie update?

Caesar: Lemme guess, more Eddie Griffin news?

Huey: Says he's teaming up with Orlando Jones again, this time they're playing two motorcycle cops.

Caesar: Motorcyle cops? You mean like...

Huey: The movie is called Chocolate C.H.I.P.S.

Caesar: The sad part is, I have no idea if you're joking or not.

Huey: I know. Hey, here's one about a cross-dressing basketball player!

Huey and Caesar on Mario Van Peebles

Huey: First the deplorable Panther, Now he's playing Malcolm X. Is there any black revolutionary figure who's safe from Mario Van Peebles?

Caesar: Hey, maybe he'll try to play Angela Davis next!

Huey: This is not a laughing matter!

And of course, the illustrations are half the joy, so you really need to see both in order to truly give the comic justice.

Quick Fox chronology: Fox dumps Futurama. Futurama gets huge ratings for Cartoon Network. Fox dumps Family Guy. Family Guy gets huge ratings for Cartoon Network. So much show that the show is being revived. Fox dumps Boondocks before it even starts. If this were an SAT question, could you answer which of the following is more likely to occur?

(A) Boondocks incites race riots after first airing on Adult Swim. Chaos ensues. Boondocks pulled after one episode, Fox says "told you so."

(B) Boondocks gets low ratings on Adult Swim, followed by defamation of character lawsuits by Eddie Griffin, Vivica Fox, Queen Latifah, and Bill Cosby. Cartoon Network goes into bankruptcy. Fox says "told you so."

(C) Boondocks gets solid ratings on Adult Swim and DVD's sell through the roof. Fox says "our bad." Cartoon Network asks Fox "any other shows you'd like to throw our way?"

Related tune: Fight The Power by Public Enemy (mp3 via

posted by drew on 8/01/2004

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