Could have been a sailor, could have been a cook.

Could have gone to a Nick Drake concert, if I wasn't such a schmuck.

Well, that doesn't even rhyme (unless I'm doing a Groundskeeper Willie accent), and as it turns out, I really couldn't have gone to a Nick Drake concert after all. Here's a breakdown of my roller-coaster ride of emotional ups and downs I just went through:

I snag the new Garden State soundtrack which, by the way, is easily the best soundtrack of the year and I suggest you run out and buy it, pronto. Have I ever led you astray? As J.J. Leigh said in Hudsucker, I'd stake my Pulitzer on it! Not that I have a Pulitzer, or even homework with a gold star on my fridge, but you get my point. So I'm grooving to my brand spanking new CD, and I notice that there's this great song name of One Of These Things First by Nick Drake. The guy sounds really familiar, has this haunting/mellow thing going on like young Leonard Cohen or Elliott Smith but I can't quite place him. So I search him on Amazon, and discover that he's the same fella who sings Fly on The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, another one my fave CDs from the last few years. Talk about kismet.

So, I'm flying high on the joy of finding a new artist that I adore. Being the uber-inquisitive guy that I am, I decide to research the fella. After all, this sounds like the kind of person that would knock my socks off in a live performance. With Garden State coming out, I figure there's a good shot he's touring this summer. Logical, right? Well, turns out there's one teensy-weensy snag in my plan to go see him live.

He's been dead for thirty years.

Three freakin' decades. The poor guy overdosed back in 1974. As the Dude would say...that's a bummer, man. Is this common knowledge? Am I once again the last to find out? Needless to say, this breaking news sort of kills my concert plans.

Gee, I wonder if that Hendrix guy is going to tour this summer, he sure plays a mean guitar...

Here's some Nick Drake tunes to chew on in the meantime.

One Of These Things First from Garden State (Windows Media sample, couldn't find the mp3...sigh)

Fly from The Royal Tenenbaums (full mp3 via Time Has Told Me)

And the kicker, here's the full limited edition 3 LP set of Nick Drake's Time Has Told Me in mp3 form! So you can, ummm, listen to the whole thing before you buy it.

posted by drew on 8/20/2004

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