George, I'll bet that song was about you.

I dig George Clooney; he's always seemed like a down-to-earth sort of fella and has chosen to work with people like the Coens, Charlie Kaufman, Sam Rockwell, and Steven Soderbergh the last few years instead of going the sellout route. So it caught me off-guard when I read this story about Georgie-boy sweating the possibility that if he shaves his head for his upcoming flick Syriana, he may go bald.

George, that's crazy talk! It's pure urban legend, like syringes in payphones, kidney thieves, or the rumor that Marisa Tomei's Oscar was actually legit. You want proof? Okay, back in 1971 Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence, without a shred of vanity, shaved their head for THX-1138. See the pic?

And their hair grew back perfectly fine, silly rabbit.

Related tune: You're So Vain by Carly Simon (mp3 via hello)

posted by drew on 8/16/2004

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