I am Jack's nagging sense of hypocrisy.

People either love Fight Club or hate Fight Club, there's really not a lot of middle ground. Actually, what annoys me more than anything is people who like Fight Club, but for all the wrong reasons. Here's a sample of one of way too many conversations I've had about Fight Club with co-workers, people in line, my social worker, yadda yadda.

Random Person: Hey, you're Mr. Movie Guy, what did you think of Fight Club?

Me: It's one of my favorite movies of the 90's! I love the social commentary, black humor, the quotability, and man-o-man, can Fincher shoot a film or what?

Random Person: (Puzzled look for three seconds, followed by): Yeah, man! I love it too! Wasn't it off the freakin' hook? I can't decide whether my favorite scene is when Norton is beating the crap out of that retarded kid from My So-Called Life, or if it's when Brad Pitt got beat down by that bar owner guy. Man, he just POUNDED on him! I haven't seen a such a kick-ass movie since Best Of The Best 3: No Turning Back.

Me: (Slowly backing away) Cool deal. Well, I have to go slit my wri-

Random Person: Oh yeah, and remember Meat Loaf had tits?? He was a guy, and he had huge tits! HAHAHA! TITS!

Every time I have a conversation like that, I die a little.

So anyway, remember how anti-consumerism and anti-commercialism Fight Club was? How selling out was pretty much the worst crime a person could commit? Well, the jury is still out on whether Chuck Palahniuk is or is not his khakis, but I was pretty damn surprised to see a trailer (Windows Media/Quicktime) for a Fight Club video game, coming soon to your Playstation 2 or Xbox.

Now, a video game for Fight Club isn't an inherently bad idea. After all, a designer could have fun with it. I wouldn't mind a game where I had to steal human fat, make bad haiku, navigate through tainted foods, order excessive items made by indigenous peoples of wherever, or splice pornography into movies. Heck, you could have even have some fighting in it, along with the destruction of Starbucks and other assorted glee. The possibilities were endless. So what those masterminds come up with for the Fight Club game?

A bunch of guys beating the crap out of each other.

Boy, there's thinking outside the box for you. I've never seen a video game that had people fighting in it before. It's about as original and creative an idea as putting a gratuitous panty shot in an anime film, for chrissakes!

So, how do I feel about this hideous bastardization of one of my favorite flicks?

I believe Marla Singer summed it up perfectly when she said:

"I haven't been f****d like that since grade school."

Related tune: Where Is My Mind by The Pixies (mp3 via adam's fight club page)

posted by drew on 8/11/2004

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