Reason #9012 that Drew may, in fact, be a dumbass.

So, I'm sitting there watching the Code 46 trailer, that flick that comes out today starring Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton by pornographer director Michael Winterbottom. Oh, I heard that Nine Songs had scenes in it that would make Vincent Gallo blush, so don't be groanin' at my crossout. Who knows, maybe Winterbottom was inspired by Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny, check out the picture on the front page of Code 46 site. Okay, maybe Tim Robbins is about to practice phrenology on her head. Word of warning: never, ever let somebody tell you to close your eyes so they can do phrenology on your head. Every time I've ever allowed it, it turned out very, very badly. Trust me.

Back to Code 46, towards the end of the trailer Mr. Voiceover Guy said "Academy Award Winner Tim Robbins." And I was perplexed. Tim Robbins has won an Oscar? I racked my brain trying to see if I forgot him winning for Shawshank or Dead Man Walking...I drew a blank. Then I arrogantly thought, all Wile E. Coyote-style, "Aha! I am Joe Smart, I have caught them in a major boo-boo. I am, to say the least, a super genius." I actually picked up the phone to call Jen to brag of my oh-so-important discovery, and in mid-dial, I slowly put the phone down and hung my head in shame.

Mystic River.


I can remember who won Best Supporting Actor in 19-freakin-78 (hint: he wore a bandana and suffered from a major headache towards the end) but when it comes to remembering last year's winner, I turn into the love child of Leonard Shelby and Dory. "Embarrassing," as David Brent might chalk it up.

posted by drew on 8/05/2004

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