Kate Bosworth: Historian Extraordinaire

So, it seems that when Kate Bosworth was up for the Sandra Dee role in Beyond The Sea, she "didn't know who Bobby Darin was," according to ET.

Even worse, when she was told Kevin Spacey would not only be playing the Darin role but directing the film as well, she responded "Who's Kevin Spacey?"

Okay, so I made up that last part. But c'mon, I knew who Bobby Darin was when I was 20, and it was way past his time by then. It reminded me of this person who shall remain anonymous that IM'd me the other day asking something about the Nightmare Before Christmas script, and she was saying how much they loved Tim Burton and Danny Elfman's singing in the flick. I said how I dug him back in the Oingo Boingo days, too. Perplexed, she asked, "What the heck is an Oingo Boingo?" I tried to jog her memory with Weird Science, Dead Man's Party...she still hadn't a clue.

I cried.

Well...I felt really old at that moment, anyway. Is Oingo Boingo going to fade away completely once teenagers from the 80's are dead? Will anybody remember that Sarah Jessica Parker used to be a dweeb on tv? Wherefore art thou, Mindy Cohn? Perhaps it's time to teach pop culture in the schools. Because when it comes to crucial matters such as El Debarge and T.K. Carter, no child should be left behind.

Related tune: Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo (Real Audio via music.deadbeatclub.com)

posted by drew on 11/27/2004

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