Mr. And Mrs. Smith: What up with Angelina Jolie?

Remember when Angelina Jolie used to be attractive? I'm simply dumbstruck that most of the people who see the above picture say something to effect of "hubba hubba" when they should be saying something like "Eeeeeek! Get thee to a Hardee's!" The girl needs a culinary intervention, pronto. Don't get me wrong, if she always had that body type, a la Keira Knightley, it would be a whole different ballgame. But look at her thigh in that pic (via Yahoo), and then recall what it used to look like here...these days she could audition for the sequel to Team America: World Police. Please Angelina, go eat some rotisserie chicken with Brittany Murphy.

And while my cup runneth over with honesty, how about making a movie where you actually have to act? Do you and Ashley Judd have some sort of running bet to see who can piss away their talents in a more grandiose fashion? You're tearing me apart!

Oh, and the Mrs. And Mrs. Trailer (here) leaves me uninspired as well. It's like somebody pitched a True Lies sequel and with the lure of "What if they were BOTH secretly spies?" Snore. It saddens me that director Doug Liman started out with inspired flicks like Swingers and Go and is now becoming a token action director with Bourne and this flick. We don't need any more Renny Harlins, thank you very much.

Related tune: Legs by ZZ Top (mp3 via test57)

posted by drew on 11/30/2004

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