You know what it takes to sell a hybrid of 2001 and Mamet?

It takes brass balls. But if you have a love for both David Mamet and 2001 (and really, what self-respecting movie buff doesn't?) you'll dig reading the brief but witty Dave, Dammit by Heaneyland's Francis Heaney. The man had a brilliant idea to write a book with the concept "What if playwrights wrote plays whose titles were anagrams of their names?" So David Mamet becomes Dave, Dammit. Call it a hunch, but methinks the fella is a Jeopardy fan. Anyhoo, here's a quote from Hal to whet your whistle and give you a feel for what happens when you make a 2001/Mamet smoothie:

Hal: You put my memory back right now, motherf__ker. You hear me? You want a card on your birthday? Because I don't think I will remember to send you one if I do not have my memory cards. As that is what memory cards are for. Are you listening to me?

It's really the kind of the thing that I get incredibly envious of after reading and think "Hey! Why the heck didn't I do that??" Thankfully, I always quickly remember that I lack...what's that word...tip of my tongue...

Oh yeah! Talent! As The Dude would say, "This is a bummer, man."

Heaney also did the same thing with poets like T.S. Eliot (Toilets) and Emily Dickinson (Skinny Domicile), which I'm sure are equally as clever. But I ain't nearly well-versed enough in that city-slicker mumbo jumbo in order to truly appreciate those. If you're one of those fancy-schmancy "literate" types, you can see 'em all here. Oh, and I tip my hat to for the heads-up.

Related tune: The Glengarry Mix (Always Be Closing) by BennyN (mp3 via

posted by drew on 11/17/2004

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