Awards and nominations and festivals (oh my!)

Normally, I'd give my two cents on all of these, but I've got Meryl Streep on the other line, and she's trying to get me to help her imitate a dial tone. So just for facts for now; my hands are going to be tied for a while.

Chew on these newly announced honors 'til I return:

2004 National Board Of Review Winners
2004 British Independent Independent Film Awards Winners
2004 Gotham Awards Winners
2004 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations
2005 Sundance Film Festival Lineup

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posted by drew on 12/01/2004

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Obviously, I'm not trying to re-invent the movie blog wheel here. I'm just never lacking in opinions about movies, pop culture, news, and other assorted hoohah. And my mailman has put a restraining order on me, so here's my place to vent.

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