Dark Water Trailer & Poster: Jennifer Connelly is slumming.

http://www2.bloody-disgusting.com/gallery/photodir2.php?image=477/poster.jpgBoy, Jennifer Connelly sure doesn't have a lot of luck in the abode department on the big screen these days. Check out the Quicktime trailer for her upcoming flick Dark Water and you too shall know her woe. And click the pic to embiggen the poster, in which Jennifer Connelly either has a much smaller waist than I remember, had her image photoshopped a tad, or is into some serious corset action.

Okay, back to the Dark Water trailer. It looks sort of like House Of Sand and Fog, except instead of battling bureaucracy and big bad Ben, her foes are ghosts and...water. A lot of it. Spoooooky water. Ten times more spooky than that Wonder Twin on the Superfriends. You'll never...umm...look at a leaky faucet the same way again! The thing that impressed me the most about this trailer is that it's a remake of a Japanese horror flick that has evil water, restless undead, spooky elevators, black blobs on the ceiling, and a eerie child that draws things that kiddies shouldn't draw. They broke the mold when they made this one, I tell ya. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there's a pale, meowing, Asian child in a deleted scene on the DVD.

Why, in the name of all that is holy, would Walter Salles do this movie? He's coming off oodles of respect for Central Station and The Motorcycle Diaries, and this is his choice for his American debut? I'm a huge Salles fan, so I'll let him slide on this one, but if he chooses direct something like the Love Bug sequel next, he's officially off my cool list. And the list is life.

As for Jen Connelly, if she doesn't change her trajectory as well, we'll probably be seeing her in a Money Pit remake soon enough. And there are few things more shameful on this earth than taking a role that Shelley Long once inhabited.

Dark Water Poster via Bloody-Disgusting.

Related tune: Black Water by The Doobie Brothers (mp3 via brookvillekennel.com)

posted by drew on 12/05/2004

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