Trio is dead. DirecTV is the official Antichrist of '05.

"Effective December 31, 2004 DIRECTV exercised the option to discontinue carrying TRIO while NBC Universal continutes to evalulate the future of this channel in relation to its overall digital strategy."


Yeah, yeah, I read that this was going to happen, but I just chose to close my eyes, cover my ears, and sing "My Boo" over and over as opposed to accept the fact that one of my fave channels was doomed to bite the proverbial dust.

How can I continue to live in a world where the Hallmark channel, ShopNBC, and SOAPnet flourish but a station dedicated to my raison d'etre (pop, culture, tv) is kicked to the curb quicker than Tara Reid at a Merchant Ivory casting call?

To paraphrase my man Murphy, a $99 TiVo with no monthly fees won't fill the emptiness inside me. But it'll help.

Related tune: Hard Habit To Break by Chicago (Real Audio via

posted by drew on 1/01/2005

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