Yet another reason Blockbuster is evil.

The front page of Blockbuster's site reads "The end of late fees. The start of more." On the next page (which has "nolatefees" in the URL), Roy Orbison croons "It's over," and Blockbuster brags about how "There are no more late fees at Blockbuster."

Call me crazier than Lara Flynn Boyle on a trans-Atlantic flight, but based on their website and their massive P.R. campaign, wouldn't you get the impression that Blockbuster no longer charges late fees?

You'd be dead wrong.

According to Hacking Netflix, Blockbuster is back to...umm....charging late fees. 99 cents a day they say, and anywhere from $.75 a day to $2.00 daily depending on your locale, according to the comments.

I guess by "the start of more", they mean "the start of more late fees."

Sort of kills the whole concept, no?

And yeah, yeah, I understand the concept of franchises. But if corporate HQ can't force their individual franchisees to not sodomize their customers, then making a big hoopla over "the end" while thousands of customers are bending over on a daily basis reeks of hypocrisy out the wazoo.

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posted by drew on 2/07/2005

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