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You know what's even more annoying than being trapped in a broken elevator with Tom Cruise and the Fantanas? Bloggers that mysteriously disappear for eons and then pop up from out of the blue with some lame-assed excuse for their absence with assurances that they're here for good this time. These arrogant bloggers assume that their audience will just be glad that they're back and completely forget that the schmuck previously left them high and dry.

You know what really happens when you're gone for a long time without a goodbye and try to return? Just ask Christopher Walken in the Dead Zone, man. He thought he'd go back to being Ozzie And Harriet with his woman, but did she wait for him? Hell no! She found some other fella and made babies, leaving Mr. Walken high and dry. Walken then found himself miserable, alone, freaking out small children, and eventually riddled with bullets.

Guess I better borrow that Kevlar deal from my man Bruce for a while...

Related tune: Touch Me In The Morning by Diana Ross (real audio via focus on malaysia)

posted by drew on 7/03/2005

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Obviously, I'm not trying to re-invent the movie blog wheel here. I'm just never lacking in opinions about movies, pop culture, news, and other assorted hoohah. And my mailman has put a restraining order on me, so here's my place to vent.

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