Syriana Script Is Online

And to be honest, it's still lacking a certain "uppity" quality that the original screenplay had (See page 93 and compare to the original.) But, if you check out page 118, Jeffrey Wright turns the word around oh-so-beautifully. So the previous edit appears to be not because of overt wussiness, which is a pleasant surprise these days. N-word in real life=bad. N-word in R-rated movies with flawed characters=perfectly fine in my book. Crash is a perfect example.

And hey, I give full props to Warner Brothers for chucking the whole screenplay online in the first place. To all the other studios out there, I advise you in the immortal words of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry:

"Go and do likewise, gents."

With the good stuff, naturally. You can keep the Yours, Mine And Ours screenplay to yourselves, Paramount.

Check out the full Syriana Script in PDF form right here.

Related tune: Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil (Windows Media via Sony Music)

posted by drew on 12/30/2005

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