Red Dragon 2: Will Graham's Revenge.

And this time, he's got a hoodie.

Okay, he's not THE Will Graham of Manhunter/Red Dragon fame, but isn't it odd that they would choose to give Clive Owen's character in the upcoming flick I'll Sleep When I'm Dead the same name? Then again, I guess Apple Graham wouldn't have the same ring; people would think he was a new fruity breakfast cereal or the offspring of a skinny blonde Oscar-winning actress with incredibly bad child-naming skills.

Either way, after I bitched about Clive Owen's emasculation on the King Arthur poster, I figured it only right that I point you out to the new trailer to his other movie coming out soon, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Forget King Arthur, this looks like the Clive Owen movie of 2004 to see.

What's not to dig? It's a revenge flick directed by Mike Hodge, and the last time he and Owen got together they made the underrated gem Croupier. Sure, there's oodles of revenge flicks out there, but this puppy looks like the real deal. The last revenge movie I've seen starring an Englishman was The Limey, and that turned out to be one of the all-time best of the genre. There's just something about an angry Brit that's custom made for these things; they make our guys like Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington look like wussies in comparison.

Plus, it's got Charlotte Ramping (I'm still incredibly bitter that she didn't get nominated for Swimming Pool) as his ex and Malcolm McDowell as the baddie. Back to Terence Stamp and the Limey for a sec, I have this theory that when a villain role like this comes up, Malcolm McDowell and Terence play a few games of rock, scissor, paper to decide who gets it. Hey, it's just a theory.

And for the record, I still very much want Mr. Owen to land the James Bond job. I'm still in shock that a British poll has Colin Firth as the people numero uno choice to play 007. Are you kidding me? The same fella who Renee said had a "giant gherkin up his arse" in Bridget Jones? The guy has barely managed to look comfortable on screen, let alone cool. If Clive lost it to, say, Ewan McGregor or Jude Law, 'twould sadden me, but if he didn't get it because they gave it to Colin Firth, I'm sticking my head in the oven. Or at least I'll whine a whole lot.

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posted by drew on 5/16/2004

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