Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

Actually, I wholeheartedly disagree with Michael Douglas' sentiment in Wall Street. On the other hand, greed certainly seems to be good for Drew's DVD collection; there's no question about it. So with this in mind, along with my blog muse still seemingly out of commission after getting hit by a bus (the muse, not moi), allow me to crow about my latest DVD purchase.

Movie Gallery is having one of their "Buy two previously DVDs, get two free!" sales, which I can always count on to cause excessive droolage. Some people live to hear the phrase "You got the promotion!" or "The test came back negative!" but the words I long to hear are "Buy two DVDs, get two free." So you know I've got my priorities in order. So I moseyed on down and snagged 4 DVDs, 3 of which were in my Top 10 of last year, all for just $7.50 a pop. To paraphase Enid in Ghost World, buying DVDs at full price is for suckers who don't know the concept of value. So what'd I get? Glad you asked.

Cheapie DVD #1: In America. This was my numero uno flick of last year, and if you still haven't seen it, I beg of thee, go rent it pronto. I'm a jaded bitter soul, and Sheridan's film managed to coax some cinematic moisture out of my eyes for the first time in a long while. I tried to tell Jennie it was because of my filthy contact lenses, but she didn't believe me for a heartbeat. It was worth a shot.

Cheapie DVD #2: Kill Bill. Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm the one who told you a few months back that there was a super-duper edition coming out and to hold off on buying this version. And then I turned right around and bought it anyway. I reek of hypocrisy. But hey, it's one of my top 10 action movies of all time, it was only $7.50 and QT is very indirectly responsible for my being with my honey. So I owed him one.

Cheapie DVD #3: The Fog Of War. Who knew that a documentary about Robert McNamara would be so fascinating and relevant? I've always been an Errol Morris fan, but I truly believe this is the most well-executed one he's ever done. He won the Oscar, the Indie Spirit Award...heck, he even snagged a Webby, so it truly the year o' Errol Morris and his ever-present sneaks.

Cheapie DVD #4: Something's Gotta Give. Remember how I said I bought 3 of my top 10 movies from last year? This ain't one of them-I bought it solely because Jennie digs it. It's funny, because 90% of our collection consists of movies that we both love; our tastes are scarily in sync. But then 5% are movies that I dig and she loathes, like Bad Lieutenant or The Sweet Hereafter. And she has her 5% of movies like My Fair Lady or well, Something's Gotta Give that I think are cringeworthy. And of course, both of us are convinced that the other is besmirching our collection's good name with the other one's 5% "questionable" choices.

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posted by drew on 6/26/2004

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