Like the pine trees linin' the winding road...

...its got a name.  Its got a name.

Which might have been, like,  fascinating news if the story hadn't been broken over a year ago.  Also, a tad uncreative considering the original title of Jedi, no?  I'm sure anybody taking Psyche 101 or that has a second grade education can easily deconstruct the "SITH" anagram and see that maybe George Lucas has some self-loathing deep down somewhere.    Same sith, different day.

Will this be a good film?  To paraphase Sam The Man in Pulp: it may be the cinematic equivalent of eating pumpkin pie but I'll never know, 'cause even if it did, I'd never watch the filthy motherf***er. 

The entries are still pouring in to win that free Fahrenheit 9/11 poster

Related tune: Name Of The Game by Abba (Windows Media via

Sheesh, I'm starting to look more and more like Muriel with all these Abba songs...

posted by drew on 7/24/2004

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