Why is Colin Farrell such a Gloomy Gus?

Here's Colin Farrell on the set of Terrence Malick's The New World, that upcoming Pocahontas flick. He sure doesn't seem very chipper in this pic (from MCN), and that got me to thinking...why is Colin so glum? Here's the top 5 reasons I could come up with:

(1) The realization has finally sunk in that he turned down Lindsay Lohan back in March.

(2) He just found out that with the success of Moulin Rouge and Chicago, they've opted to change the movie into a musical. And they've obtained the rights from Disney for Vanessa Williams to reprise "Colors Of The Wind."

(3) After weeks of begging Malick, he received final word that he won't be allowed to show off his schlong in this movie, either.

(4) After finally got through watching The Thin Red Line, Colin is incredibly fearful that at least two hours of the film will be extended shots of alligators and birds.

(5) Farrell had been given the impression that this version would contain some hot and heavy scenes with Irene Bedard, the incredibly attractive actress that Disney used as the model for their "hubba hubba" Pocahontas. Once he signed on, however, they did a bait-and-switch and cast thirteen year old Star Search 2 contestant Q'Orianka Kilcher.

Still plenty of time to win that free Fahrenheit 9/11 poster!

Related tune: Sad Eyes by Robert John (Real Audio via Our Real Audio Favorites)

posted by drew on 7/29/2004

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