Brad Pitt=A Shining Beacon of Humility?

Being the jaded soul that I am, I was pretty damned surprised when I found out (via IMDB) that Brad Pitt was recently offered the chance to be on Inside The Actors Studio but turned it down because he didn't have a "sufficient body of work." Even more shocking is that I disagree with Mr. Aniston.

Well...if we're talking 21st century movies, he's absolutely correct to want to hide from his record. I mean, what can he really say about movies such as Sinbad, The Mexican, and Troy except for repeating "I'm sorry" over and over again? When you've become the punch line in a Shania Twain song, it's time to seriously reconsider your career direction, Mr. Wussy Tendon.

But if we're talking 20th century movies, the 90's in particular, then he's dead wrong. The 90's were more than sufficient; for my money the man was 6 of the best movies of the 90's including Thelma And Louise, Kalifornia, True Romance, Seven, 12 Monkeys, and Fight Club. Most actors will never be able to compile a resume with movies like those no matter no long they work. Just ask Jen Tilly.

Besides, since when was having a sufficient body of work a prerequisite for being on Inside The Actors Studio? Because really, guests like Billy Joel and Jay Leno are the true embodiments of acting. And I could hardly sleep at nights until I knew how Mark Wahlberg researches a role, y'know? Everybody knows James Lipton will put his sycophantic lips on anybody's ass these days; I'm sure Paul Walker will soon get an invite and discuss the nuances of homoerotic street racing.

But Brad and James, even though you both have arguably jumped the shark, there is still hope. Brad, go back to making dark movies with directors like Fincher and Gilliam. If somebody offers you a movie whose title begins with "Oceans", run like hell. As for Inside The Actors Studio...just show more restraint when it comes to booking. To use the aforementioned Mr. Pitt for an analogy, just because somebody's got a library card doesn't mean they're Yoda. And just because somebody's in a movie doesn't mean they're an actor.

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posted by drew on 11/20/2004

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