There's no whorin' like self-whorin'!

This is a valuable lesson that someone near and dear once taught me. And by near I mean far, and by dear I mean loathed. But there's some people who swing on by the blog who have no idea that I've had a free movie script site up for nine, count 'em, nine years. And people say men can't commit.

Anyway, my point is that I think I'll give you guys a l'il pointer when groovy new scripts come my way as to keep you in the know. The good stuff; I'll leave you blissfully ignorant when I pop up links to scripts like Rhinestone Cowboy or Anacondas 2: The Hunt For DVD Revenue. And if you're not interested in screenplays, just skip over these posts while muttering "Yeah, yeah, get to the Zellweger bashing, you shameless bastard."

So yesterday the new free script-du-jour was Collateral (check it out), which was a solid character study/thriller that I liked much more than I thought I would. I used to mock Michael Mann back in his schlocky Miami Vice/Manhunter days, but he's really turned it around with Heat, The Insider, and now Collateral. Ali wasn't the bee's knees, but it was still watchable. If somebody gave the man an editor, he could win an Oscar one day.

Speaking of, one of the reasons that I'm confident that Jamie Foxx is going to snag the Oscar this year is because of Collateral, I'll have you know. Yes, he was superb as Ray, and I agree, Oscar voters are only supposed to vote on the nominated performance. But I'm sure that Academy members will also have Foxx's sublime Collateral performance in their back of their minds as well. He's had one hell of a year and deserves the awards he'll certainly receive. Cruise was swell with his William Petersen 'do, too. And Javier Bardem sneaks in with a killer cameo and delivers a Christmas speech (which is on page 72) which is on-par with the great Walken monologues.

Oddly enough, the IMDB lists only Stuart Beattie with the writing credit, but Frank Darabont and Michael Mann also put their touches on it as well...the revisions on this puppy are a mile long and all the colors of the rainbow. There's a good story about the development of the screenplay over here. So in the immortal words of the always smilin' Notorious BIG, if you don't know, now you know.

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posted by drew on 11/18/2004

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