Rediscover Cinderella Man!

Hey, it only took two months for me to get Blogger to recognize that I had a different server to post to, woo-hoo! I'm sure you guys missed me something awful...what with my frequent posting and all.

Anyhoo, I keep seeing these ads everywhere that encourage me to "rediscover Cinderella Man." And it got me into some deep, deep thinking.

Rediscover Cinderella Man.

Isn't that like saying...remember that Halloween when you were eight years old? And you got that pile o' candy and you thought it would be a truly ingenius idea to devour the whole shebang that very night? Remember the massive sugar high of your body processing an ungodly amount of Bit-O-Honeys, Zagnuts, Spree, and Pixie Sticks? And then remember how you started to feel not-so-hot, sweaty, and your stomach was felt like it had a boatload of Smurfs going to war inside of it? And you remember how you when you threw up for the fourth time, how there was nothing left in your stomach and you prayed for death? And remember how you felt like crap for three days later, having barely avoided a diabetic coma from the sucrose overload?

Rediscover that feeling!

Yeah, yeah, it's mean but I haven't blogged for eons so I had to get some of that vitriol out of my system. Felt damn good, if I do say so myself.

Couple of new movie scripts (The Pianist and Peeping Tom) over at the rama, too. I'm back, baby!

Related tune: Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor (mp3 via

posted by drew on 12/07/2005

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