new movie haiku for you, boo

You know the scoop by now; here are my thoughts on the new movies coming out this weekend (all two of 'em) expressed in haiku form. Remember, I use lower case for everything, because I bust my haiku all ee cummings-style, yo.

That sound you hear is e.e. cummings turning over in his grave. Violently.

something new

sanaa needs a man
boy toy trumps race/class issues
girl gets her swirl on

when a stranger calls

meh - been there, done that
jamster ads are scarier
this rose ain't got jack

And that, as they say, is that. Might as well just stay home and rent Corpse Bride or Bubble.

Don't forget to enter Drew's "Predict The Oscars...Poorly" Contest which you have a much better chance of winning than your rigged office pool.

Related tune: Don't Talk To Strangers by Rick Springfield (flash via le site de DJ Seb-G)

posted by drew on 2/03/2006

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