Brokeback Mountain script! Sorta...

There are some movie scripts that people request the hell out of on a daily basis, and Brokeback Mountain is one of 'em. Every day, another heart gets broken when I let them know that alas, I do not have this screenplay yet. Or worse, the e-mail gets buried in spam, I never see it, and the person probably deems me a wanker and vows to punch me in the kidney when I'm not looking. This hasn't happened yet, but I'm especially cautious of any stranger who's in slugging proximity of this mighty sensitive organ.

Long story somewhat shorter, a fella who asked to be called Jack ( was kind enough to throw me a dialogue script of Brokeback. Basically, it's a transcription of all the words in the flick, and that's it. Bare bones to the hilt. Dialogue scripts are a mixed bag; some people love 'em, some think they're the Antichrist. I think of 'em as a Saltine cracker. I'd much rather have a Ritz, but if I'm hungry enough, it ain't half bad. And it's better than, y'know, starving.

This is why I'm not paid to make analogies.

Anyhoo, check out the dialogue version of the Brokeback Mountain Script.

And even better is the Warm Springs script (the real deal), courtesy of Babs. It just won the WGA award a few days ago, so you know it's good readin'.

And for those of you who say I never mention scripts on the blog, there you have it.

On a side note, I learned today that James Frey wrote the excruciating Jason Lee/David Schwimmer flick known as Kissing A Fool.

In my book, this is a much more heinous crime than the whole "liar, liar!" nonsense; why didn't Oprah nail him to the cross for this crime against humanity?

And if you haven't entered yet, there's still loads of time to enter the "Predict The Oscars...Poorly" contest!

Related tune: Sugar Mountain by Neil Young (flash via

posted by drew on 2/08/2006

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